Scott Bywater is one of the most sought after marketing copywriters in Australia, who runs what many regard as the highest level private marketing group in Australia, Elite Marketers..

He is the creator of the online ‘Simple Email ROI System’ course and over the past 21 years has written for gurus and leading companies including Kerwin Rae, Jay Conrad Levinson (of ‘Guerilla Marketing’ fame), and The Learning Annex.

He’s an in-demand speaker who has presented at James Schramko’s SuperFast Business, Dale Beaumont and Ben Simkin’s masterminds - and is on a mission to help coaches, consultants and course creators leverage their most undervalued asset (their email list) without being pushy or salesy.


“Scott is an experienced podcast guest who helps coaches, consultants and course creators leverage their email list & community via AI and his "third way" approach."


  • How to use your email list to book your calendar solid

  • How to write winning emails in under 7 minutes, even if you’re a non writer

  • Selling via email without being salesy: The "Third Way" technique

  • Leveraging AI copywriting software like a pro copywriter

  • Never be stuck about what to write in your emails again

  • 7 ways to get your emails opened, when there's so much noise

  • How to turn your emails into a must see TV series, by using cliffhangers

  • How to boost the size of yo9ur email list, without spending a cent on advertising

Other Discussion Topics and Skills

  • Email Marketing

    The easiest way to write 6 months of emails within hours to book your calendar solid

  • AI Copywriting Software

    How non writers can leverage AI software like a pro copywriter

  • Content Marketing

    How to write 'sticky content' prospects love, so they keep coming back for more - instead of unsubscribing

Scott's Getting Great Feedback...

Recent Appearances:

"My audience loved Scott Bywater's practical advice on email marketing for getting more leads and customers.

He's clearly an expert in his craft, and it was fun to have him on the show.

If you'd like to interview someone who has written multiple six figure email launches, I can't recommend him highly enough."

Jason Starbuck - MOVD Entrepreneurs Evolved Podcast


What Clients Say

Jon Giaan

Knowledge Source

More then 500 people attended my event, despite a competing one running on the same weekend. Since then, I've repurposed your copy for 3 years running, attracting in excess of 3,000 attendees and generating $5 million in sales!

Rob Gallagher & Brian O'Loughlin

Movement 101

The survey you did before writing the copy opened up our eyes - we thought we knew our customers but you managed to get inside their heads. And the results speak for themselves - as soon as the opening email from the launch went out, sales were flying.

Geoff Jowett


Millions of dollars were generated from the ads you wrote - not to mention almost half a million dollars from a below the line email "product launch" to existing customers.


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