My Mission is to Help Entrepreneurs Leverage AI Emails to Fill Their Calendar - and Enjoy Consistent Revenue and Peace of Mind

I’m going to share a pretty embarrassing story with you.

Now it started about 17 years ago, so please don’t judge me.

I can remember it very clearly. I was living in a share-house in Paddington, Sydney...

It had been a stinking hot day...

I was ready to put my feet up... and I thought...

“I’ll just check my email again before I call it quits.”

Sure enough, there was a new email.

And it was the one I had been waiting for....

I had been chasing this guy for some time... and was really hoping to get him onboard as a client.

So I sat down to read it.

Even as I tell you this I’m already starting to feel embarrassed all over again…

I still actually cringe when I think about it...

But this is the experience that transformed me from being a really ineffective marketer... to someone who actually understood how to authentically communicate with clients and generate income at the same time.

So the contents of this guys reply email was:

“What is this crap? You’re nothing short of an idiot - and to think I was about to start working with you. Please don’t contact me again.”

I just sat there staring at it like someone had punched me in the face.

So I scrolled down below his message... just to see what he was responding to and what had made him so angry.

What I Saw Made Me Feel Sick to My Stomach

I had sent him a templated email I’d transcribed virtually line by line from a well known marketing guru.

And as I read it... I felt my face get hot with embarrassment...

What was I thinking?! Sending this email to a potential client?

It clearly sounded like somebody else... and it definitely sounded nothing like me!

I can remember just sitting there... motionless, for what seemed like hours... feeling like a total loser.

I was thinking about the damage this could do to me if he was speaking to other businesses... I was worried he would be talking to my competitors…


I made a vow to myself, never to communicate with a client (any client) like that again.

So I thought to myself, who else can I model?

And almost immediately I realised... wait a minute, that’s the wrong question.

The truth is, I can’t model anyone.

I have to learn to write in my own voice.

And this led to a huge copywriting breakthrough for me.

Because the challenge was…

I knew a lot of this slick sales copy worked... even though it sounded like somebody else…

But How Could I Learn to Write in My Own

Voice and Sell Effectively at the Same Time?

This question led me through a long journey of experimentation and testing, which finally resulted in me discovering “a simple but hugely effective system”, to generate sales consistently without the sleaze factor.

That’s why I created the Simple Email ROI System.

And if you decide to use it... believe me, it will save you years of trial and error ...not to mention potential humiliation.

These days all my marketing communication is done using my genuine voice... and importantly, delivers consistent sales at the same time.

...and I’ve refined it all so it’s simple to follow.

In fact, it’s so easy... even non-writers can use it to generate a steady stream of leads and clients from their list, without losing respect or credibility.

In fact, I’ve now used this system successfully in dozens of different industries. From real estate to beauty salons, high ticket coaches and consultants... even cleaning businesses - to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Plus, thanks to the latest AI technology, it’s super fast.

I’m Talking About Just a Day to

Write Up to a Year’s Worth of Email

And this is all possible because…

You can leverage my AI email Blueprint to quickly write emails based on your prospects unique fears, pains and desires - within minutes.

That’s right.

Not vague emails, but very specific content which makes them read it and say…

“This is for me”

Because it automatically enters the conversation going on in their mind.

They’re fast.

They’re personal.

And they don’t sound like a robot, they sound unique to you!

What’s more, it’s also easy to use AI to add your own personal stories.

It still blows me away just how versatile this is...

And what I love about it (and what my clients love about it) is it flips the traditional approach on its head…

So your highest value prospects chase you…

Instead of you chasing them.

Now this has consistently done wonders for my own business!

I’d love to give you a behind the scenes look at EXACTLY how I use it.

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