A New Framework for Writing Emails Fast Based on an AI

Technology to Fill Your Pipeline With Qualified Lead

Writing emails can feel daunting, particularly when you don’t know what to write about, and if you can’t write particularly well.

You’re worried about being salesy, and confused about how to take the insurmountable amount of information in your head, download it and execute it.

What’s more, each email can take way too long to write.

My Process for Getting Your Email List to Generate

a Consistent Stream of Revenue (and Peace of Mind)

If you’d love to be able to write emails fast in order to boost revenue while reducing your workload and expenses, you’ll love our training process. In fact, you’ll soon be able to ‘set and forget’ this side of your business, then watch the leads roll in.

My unique process is anchored in these 5 steps:

01. How to Position Yourself as a Category of 1

First, we lay the groundwork, set you up for success and reposition your business to be a “category of 1” in your industry or niche so you can charge premium prices.

I’ll give you my “quick copy reference sheet” which I encourage you to print out and always have by your side in order to effortlessly write emails in minutes, without needing to go down the rabbit hole of endless research and rewrites.

You’ll also discover how to control your brand and position, with my “beat them to the box” blueprint which cements your authority as an expert by defining what makes you unique, and helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Plus, I’ll show you some of the most advanced AI writing technology on the planet which allows you to churn out content faster than you ever dreamed possible, without sounding like a robot - and while writing in your own voice.

02. Booking Your Calendar Solid

You'll discover three fast, proven ways to book your calendar solid with 'money box' calls which will give you immense peace of mind - because when you start booking qualified appointments, you can be confident the dollars aren’t far behind.

Plus, I'll show you how to quickly and easily create lead magnets via my “splinter offers” technique that solves the problems of your target market fast.

03. Turning Prospects into Paying Customers

Next, you’ll discover how to take the prospects from your list and turn them into paying customers via a powerful technique called “Cliffhanger Calls to Action”, a way of ending the email with “open loops” which makes it almost impossible not to click.

Plus, you’ll discover how to make sure every email you send is eagerly anticipated, which guarantees you not only win over the short term, but the long term too.

04. Quick Email Content Formula

Even if you don’t consider yourself a very good writer, with these ‘best friend’ emails you’ll soon be churning out content like clockwork, simply by sharing the information already bouncing around in your head.

They’re quick. They build authority and trust. And they’re modeled off formats which are proven to work.

We’ll begin by identifying your core pillar topics, so you become clear on exactly what to write about, and ensure you’re covering issues which matter to your target market.

You’re even going to discover how to create Automatic AI emails on the fly, by leveraging off the simple process of answering questions - which makes creating emails as easy and natural as tying your shoelaces.

Plus, I'll give you templates for something I call “Jack in the Box” openings, and “grab and go” subject lines (collected over 19 years, in the trenches) which will ensure your emails get opened and read.

05. Batch the Content, ‘Set & Forget’

Now we’re ready to bring all the elements together via my ‘quick email formula’ and ‘always fresh framework which ensures your content is always topical and interesting, and you’re never stuck for new ideas.

You'll batch your content, create ‘set and forget’ emails for the year… and then watch the leads roll in!

Don’t Gamble With This Valuable Asset

Make no mistake, email marketing is still the most effective, “high ROI” ways to generate leads and clients. In fact, according to Litmus.com, the return on investment from email marketing is…

$36 for Every $1 Spent

Imagine how much you’re missing out on by not mastering this skill.

Yet you needn’t suffer any longer, because I’ve developed a proven process that gives you a method of generating more quality leads and customers from your list in minimum time, so you can enjoy consistent revenue and peace of mind.

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